Unless you’re someone who likes to leave their Christmas lights up all year round, the new year means that it’s time to take them down and store them until the next holiday season. This can be a menace, because you don’t want to take them out of storage and have them be a tangled disaster. If you have professionals put up your Christmas lights, you can also get professional Christmas light removal and storage. No need to worry about fighting with strands of lights!

That’s a relief, but how does professional Christmas light removal and storage work?

We’ve gone into the benefits of hiring professionals to do your lights in our previous blogs. Now, we’ll get into the professional Christmas light removal and storage process so you can see how painless it is.

When Do Professionals Take Christmas Lights Down?

It depends on the company and the service that you chose! Some companies allow you to buy their Christmas lights, so you can leave them up as long as you want. If you buy the lights, you’ll likely be able to decide if you want the professionals to remove and store them or if you want to store them yourself.

Most companies take Christmas lights down within a set time frame. Typically, they remove your lights in January or February. Usually, professionals want to remove and store Christmas lights before the end of February. If you want to keep them up for longer than that, you will likely be responsible for removing them and storing them yourself.

So, in short: it’s a bit up to you and a bit up to the company you work with. If you want your lights taken down as soon as Christmas is over, that can be arranged. If you want to leave them up longer, that can work too. However, if you want them up for months after the holidays, then you’ll likely need to remove them yourself.

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Do You Need To Schedule An Appointment For Professional Christmas Light Removal And Storage?

Again, it depends! Most companies will contact you to schedule a time for your professional Christmas light removal and storage. Depending on the company, you may or may not need to be home. In many cases, Christmas lights can be taken down without your needing to be there.

Professionals take great care when they remove your lights. This is both to protect the lights themselves and to protect your property from any damage.

How Do Professionals Store Christmas Lights?

One of the best parts of getting professional Christmas lights is also getting to enjoy professional Christmas light removal and storage. Tempting as it can be to just wad up your lights and toss them in a box, storing Christmas lights properly is essential in order to ensure that they work next year (and to save your future self much frustration).

You may wonder how professionals store Christmas lights, either just for the sake of curiosity or while looking for pointers. Professionals typically store your Christmas lights off-site in a specific storage space that their business either owns or rents. They usually use bins.

Prior to installing lights next holiday season, they’ll test your lights in order to see if any need to be replaced. They also test the lights before storing them. With proper storage, your lights have a greater chance of lasting longer.

Why Should You Get Professional Christmas Light Removal And Storage?

Most companies that do Christmas light services include removal and storage in the cost, but some do charge a separate fee for this service. Regardless, though, you may wonder whether or not you really need to take your lights down, or if you can enjoy them all year round.

While lights along your roof are certainly magical, if you want to be able to enjoy your Christmas lights for as long as possible, you’ll want to get professional Christmas light removal and storage. Christmas lights are only meant to be used seasonally.

If you leave them up all year, you could end up struggling with:

  • Tree damage from cords wrapping around them and impeding their growth.
  • Weather damage, such as dimmer bulbs and eroded ends.
  • Wildlife that will chew on whatever they can, including your Christmas lights.
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To enjoy your lights as long as possible, you should have them taken down once the holidays are over.

Professional Christmas Light Removal And Storage

ALL Clean Exteriors provides professional Christmas light removal and storage as part of our Christmas lights services. Contact us today to learn more!