Each new season comes with cleaning and organizing your home to prepare for the upcoming months. Keeping your home clean means protecting the outside and inside of your home. ALL Clean Exteriors works to clean many surfaces for your home. With multiple cleaning services, we can improve the curb appeal of your home and keep your home healthy. Homeowners may get overwhelmed with all the areas they need to clean, so we have created a list for homeowners to prepare for fall.

1- Cleaning Rain Gutters

Before the rain, snow, sleet, and other fall and winter storms hit, prepare for fall by ensuring that your gutters can handle the water. When gutters are full of leaves, dirt, or other debris they are unable to properly drain and move water away from your home. Clean gutters can improve your foundation and prevent mold growth on your roof.

With clean gutters comes a more stable and dry home which helps keep you comfortable throughout the fall and winter months.

2- Change Air Filters

Prepare for fall by changing out the air filters in your home can help prevent allergens and other cold viruses and bacteria from filling your home. Changing air filters can remove allergens and mold from your home and improve the air in your home. When it is cold outside, you will be spending more time inside your home. Keeping your home clean, healthy, and free of harmful chemicals can make the fall and winter months more enjoyable.

3- Remove Dark Buildup From Driveways

Keeping the outside of your home clean is just as important as keeping the inside clean. During the fall, leaves, and debris can take over your yard and walkways. While this may not be a concern later in the year, cleaning your driveway and walkways can help keep your home from looking too messy during the winter and make it safer for guests and your family to enter your home. Driveways and other concrete surfaces get extremely dirty which can cause them to be less slip-resistant.

Cleaning your driveway can also help keep ice and snow from sticking to parts of your driveway and make it easier to clean off during storms, making this a great way to prepare for fall.

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4- Removing Roof Debris

Keeping your roof clean improves not only the roof but the gutters as well. Prepare for fall by cleaning debris off of your roof, preventing it from wearing down your roofing material or trailing down and clogging your gutters. Removing roofing debris helps prevent mold growth, rotting shingles, or damaged solar panels.

Because roofs are exposed to the elements constantly, they need cleaning pretty consistently as well. Cleaning them helps keep the roof looking new, keeps your solar panels working properly, and keeps your home safe. Too much build-up can get heavy and added moisture or snow could cause it to cave in.

5- Streak Free Windows

Window cleaning can be done inside and outside of your home in order to keep your view of the outside world, clean and clear. ALL Clean Exteriors offers window cleaning of the glass, tracks, and screens which ensures your windows are beautiful for all seasons to help you prepare for fall.

Windows should be cleaned in a streak-free manner in order to receive the most of the cleaning. Clean windows help bring more natural light into your home when it is not blocked by dirt or dust. Natural light can be extremely important during the darker months of winter and fall. Prepare for fall by cleaning windows and letting your home stand out.

6- Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

This item may not be a cleaning item, but making sure that smoke alarms work is a great way to protect your home. Smoke alarms usually indicate to you when they need new batteries, but changing them out before the busy season of school and holidays can save you time and heartache.

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We work to improve the homes of many residents in Massachusetts and keep homes looking pristine through all times of the year. When you work with our team you will know that the exterior and interior of your home will be healthy and clean. Contact us to prepare for fall and schedule a cleaning service today!