Powerwashing can help improve many areas of your home and remove mold or other hard dirt. But some materials you should never power wash because of the strong force. Cleaning the exterior of your home may seem like an easy DIY project, but trusting proper cleaning with a professional company can save you from damages and costly repairs. ALL Clean Exteriors can help improve your home and save your home from unnecessary damage, so we have compiled a list of places you should never power wash.

1- Vinyl Siding

Many siding options can be power washed, but vinyl siding is one that you should never power wash. Vinyl siding can become cracked or worn when washed with high pressure. Creating holes or cracks in your siding can lead to bigger problems such as mold, creatures making their home in your siding, or other infestations.

2- Light Fixtures

High pressure can cause fragile objects such as decor, light fixtures, windows, or other small objects to break. Never power wash light fixtures. Light fixtures can explode into many pieces when pressure washed that will need to be cleaned up and cared for. Not only will you need to clean up the mess and replace the light, but water and electrical also don’t mix well together. In order to avoid electrical issues or electric shock, never power wash light fixtures.

3- Wood Siding or Wood Shingles

Because wood is made of fibers and can split wood siding, fixtures or shingles are items you should never powerwash. Wood can split easily with high pressure and getting wood wet can cause it to warp and expand causing more damage than you are prepared for.

Keeping the wood around your home looking pristine is a common need for homeowners. Our team can professionally clean your home without power washing materials that are easily damaged.

4- Exterior Screens

Screens help to keep bugs and other debris out of your home, so when they are damaged or filled with holes they can not properly protect your home. Screens in windows or doors are needed for the safety of your home and should not be power washed.

Tears and holes in your exterior screens mean you could be seeing more bugs in your home that can sneak through. Not only do broken screens let bugs in, but holes in your screen also look tacky. Never powerwash exterior screens or other fabric pieces.

5- Glass Doors

Similar to light fixtures, glass doors break easily with high pressure. Glass doors can cause damage when broken and broken glass is highly dangerous for those in your home. Replacing glass doors can be expensive and leave your home exposed.

True Clean Power Wash & Seal Charlotte, NC commercial pressure washing

Glass doors help bring natural light and need to be cleaned properly, but never power wash them. Avoid leaving an open hole in your home or finding broken glass in your home and hire a professional cleaner.

Try Soft Washing

The process of soft washing may be better than never power washing certain areas. Before you abandon cleaning the siding or your glass doors, try soft washing. As said in the name, soft washing is less intense than power washing and will still give your home a new look. Cleaning your home should not be neglected, so trust the professionals to take this task off of your long to-do list.

ALL Clean Exteriors

Professional cleaners in Massachusetts are here with All Clean Exteriors to help improve the look and quality of your home. With years of experience, we can treat your home with respect and avoid damaging siding or doors that protect your home.

Leaving the cleaning to us can save you time and money. We offer multiple cleaning services to help clean forgotten areas of your home. We cover it all, from top to bottom and in or around your home. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service.